Pedro Matiello

Announcing mockfn

22 Mar 2018 clojure mocking testing test-driven-design

mockfn is a library supporting mockist test-driven-development in Clojure. It is meant to be used alongside a regular testing framework such as clojure.test.

It provides two macros to be used in tests. The first, providing, replaces a function with a configured mock.

(testing "providing"
  (providing [(one-fn) :result]
    (is (= :result (one-fn)))))

The second macro, verifying, works similarly, but also defines an expectation for the number of times a call should be performed during the test.

(testing "verifying"
  (verifying [(one-fn :argument) :result (exactly 1)]
    (is (= :result (one-fn :argument)))))

Argument matchers are also supported:

(testing "argument matchers"
  (providing [(one-fn (at-least 10) (at-most 20)) 15]
    (is (= 15 (one-fn 12 18))))))

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